Metagenics Ultra GI Replenish


SKU: META-ULTRA-GI30 Knight Wellness

UltraGI Replenish®  is specially formulated to support the increased nutritional needs of people with compromised gut function associated with some of the most challenging digestive disorders including malabsorption.

This advanced formula features a key prebiotic that is structurally similar to one found in breast milk, which breakthrough research suggests may be significant to promoting GI balance. UltraGI Replenish offers a targeted nutritional approach to replenish the intestinal lining and support the beneficial gastrointestinal (GI) microbiota established through early nourishment.

  • Support for management of compromised gut function with digestive disorders
  • Proprietary prebiotic blend helps promote intestinal mucosal health 
  • Clinically designed formula addresses intestinal malabsorption issues